Discovering the World anew


Welcome to my website.  I am Patrizia Klossek, born in Nuremberg in 1960 and after living in southern Palatine and London I finally landed in the Rhine-Main-Area approximately 30 years ago and now live near Wiesbaden.  Inspired by a beautiful autumn day, I took out my old camera as I wanted to catch the day´s colours and atmosphere.  The result really disappointed me and I wanted to change that.  So I bought a digital SLR camera, and now I spend a lot of my spare time with photography.  I take classes, visit work shops and go on excursions.  The more I learn, the more fun I have, whether it is trying out new techniques, or catching moments  or moods.  I love being out in nature, but a city is just as fascinating.  With my camera I start to discover the world anew...


Patrizia Klossek


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Usually I am on the road with:

Fotografie AKTIV 

Fotogruppe Hofheim


A big Thank You to:

 Yvonne Winterer - Lichtsinne - 

Thomas und Franzi Wiegand - Light Painting - tofraja - 

 Georg Buehler  

Dieter Braun

for opening my eyes and inspiring me.


Other Links:

Fotofreunde Idstein



Meine Herzensangelegenheit:  Fuer mich sind (meine) Tiere sehr wichtig, deshalb moechte ich Eure Aufmerksamkeit hierauf lenken:


Meine Tierheilpraktikerin Patricia Troemer

Meinen Tierschutzverein Aktion Tierisch Happy e.V. - Adopt, don't buy!